How I started BJJ

F posted this video on my FB wall and it sent shivers down my spine after watching it. It was very well shot, choreographed and produced and well it just reminded me of my first proper introduction to BJJ.

I was first introduced to BJJ when I started dating F. He had been learning BJJ for about a year and a half when we first started going out and he was totally hooked. At that time I had never heard of BJJ and being a huge Japanophile I was intrigued. But well since virtually all aspects of Japan was taken out of BJJ (like seiza, kiyai, bowing, meditating, etc…) I kinda lost interest and just accepted it as sometime F was crazy about. I have to admit, I was pretty patient as a Jits Practioner GF – he would train 3 times a week (cause at that time class was only 3 times a week, he would have trained more if there were more classes :p) and I would keep myself busy with my xbox (which now admittedly is collecting dust :().

Then about 8 months down the line there was a BJJ self defense seminar the gym organized and he urged me to try it out. I wasn’t keen to be honest and was kinda like ‘ok hun I’ll try it out cause u want me to’. Just to clarify he didn’t want me to try it out because it was BJJ, he wanted me to try it out because it was self defense and was worried for my safety. Well I had loads of fun with the techniques at the seminar and was like ‘hey F is BJJ a lot like this?’ and he said ‘well everything we learned today are actual BJJ techniques but applied a little differently’. I showed up for the very next class!

My first class of BJJ was really interesting. Prof Marcos wasn’t around and Quico (F’s old coach who is now staying in Bali) was visiting us so he took over class. Had lots of fun but there was a lot of things I needed to get use to (it being a full contact sport and all). I guess I’m very lucky to have F to guide me during class cause BJJ can be a very intimidating sport due to the high learning curve and the sparring. I’m also thankful to the regular girls who were training at that time. They helped me a lot to integrate well into BJJ.

Odd thing is that there were at least 4 girls who trained regularly when I started. Now they kinda just dropped off and left BJJ (two moved far away, one got pregnant and the other went MIA). Apart from me, there’s only one other girl in the gym (I brought her in actually! She’s an old family friend). Lucky for me she is super super super tough (can I just add another superlative SUPER lol). Her background is that she teaches fitness classes part time (les mills), is a level 2 certified kettlebell instructor and also a certified TRX instructor. She’s sooooooooooo fit and her stamina is crazy; oh and did I mention she has technique lol? She runs 15 km marathons and heads to open mats AND rolls like she does on a normal day and still kicks it hard on the mats. She kicks my ass on a daily basis. If my stamina or conditioning is not up to par that day, I will get submitted! Thank goodness I have her in the gym to train my conditioning (which I think can be a LOT better, need to train harder!).

Here’s the two of us with Prof when we got promoted to blue. My goodness, it’s been a huge whirlwind of training since the first picture (with the 3 girls) after 3 months of training and the picture above after 1 year and 10 months of training. It’s been a honestly a life changing experience, physically and mentally. Looking forward to continue on my BJJ journey.

“Train more, Train hard, Train always” ~Leo Viera


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  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t commented before now! Which gal are you? Right or left? Which one in the photo of all the gals?

    That was a great story. Mine was a bit more along the lines of: judo didn’t work out and BJJ was my consolation prize. 🙂

    • I’m the girl on the far left in both pics 🙂

      As you can see I lost all my baby fat in my blue belt picture. Hah!

      Hehehe I can’t imagine doing Judo! I’m such a big softie. I wouldn’t be able to take throws. 😦

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