Canoodling [food review]

I admit, I’m a real tomboy at heart. Don’t let the love for pink fool you and don’t let my domestic hobbies trick you either. I’m really a sorry excuse for a female. I spend maybe 10 mins max on my face every morning and I hardly wear make up at all. My weekend clothes consist of a tank top, beach shorts and of course flip flops. Again I’m hardly the exemplary Asian female but I do try every once in a while. Like today, I actually went for a facial and met up with my girlfriend Christy wearing a tank dress, leggings and heels. Goodness me, that doesn’t sound like me at all does it? Anyway we met up for lunch at Canoodling in Bangsar Village 2. The concept of the restaurant being as the name suggest, noodles. 🙂



20110417-105226.jpg I really admire The Big Group’s sense of branding for each of their restaurants. They’ve always do a great job branding their restaurants from T Forty Two to DISH. The food on the other hand can range from mediocre to excellent, again it depends on the restaurant. But you can always count on these themed restaurants to attract the yuppy crowd (yours truly sadly included 😦 at least I admit it).

The Yuppies in question lol.


20110417-105220.jpg There’s a very hipster feel to the restaurant – with it’s bright yellow cutlery to the blackboard walls to the paper ‘table clothes’ where you’re encouraged to doodle. There was even a bean sprout plant to add color to the table. Nice! I really like the attention given to the details. It really does add to create a better ambience.

20110417-105145.jpg Apart from just noodles (soup and dry), the focus is also on healthy salads with dressings inspired from the noodles themselves. There’s also Asian appetizers like pandan fried chicken, salt and pepper squid and thai fish cakes. I was also surprise to find that they had a wide range of Asian desserts like Bubur Cha Cha.

Anyway Christy and I ordered a bunch of stuff to share between the two of us.
Pad Thai Pasta was quite disappointing. There was hardly any taste of that famous pad thai sauce and the pasta noodles themselves were just a tad bit over al dente. As the picture shows, the pasta does not exhibit the classic pad thai orange sauce that comes from the tamarind paste mixed with fish sauce and palm sugar. In fact the dish itself wasn’t very sweet and was too savoury which in Thai food is a big no no since their obsessed with balancing all the flavours. As long as you don’t expect it to taste like a pad thai, the pasta dish was quite nice to be honest.

The Pandan Chicken Wings were fried well and were crispy on the outside juicy within. However I really do think they could have flavored it better, it was a bit lacking in the spice department. More cumin, kunyit and salt would have done the trick me thinks. I really appreciate the fact that they gave a separate bowl for the bones. So thoughtful! But the dish itself? Quite 50/50 on it.

Ahhh this was salt and pepper squids in a flour batter that was cooked Hong Kong style. Again the batter lacked flavor and was a little bit on the chewy soggy side but the sauce that came with it (green chillis in a tangy lime sauce) made up for it. Quite a miss actually.

This was an interesting dish – Wasabi Sesame Jellyfish salad. I love the taste of wasabi but it was quite lacking in the dish. It tasted more like a creamy sauce with just a little hint of wasabi. The jellyfish itself was under cooked and hard (as you can see in the picture). Edible? Yes. Enjoyable? Kinda. :/

Overall I think the food at Canoodling is mediocre at best. Not to say that the food is horrible but it just barely passes the average mark. I wouldn’t mind eating here if a bunch of friends wanted to but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here for the food. The service though is pretty good and the manager is very friendly and attentive.

Pros: Nice Ambience, Good service, Friendly manager and staff

Cons: Mediocre food (lacking in the flavor department)

Cost: RM10 for their noodles, RM8.90-RM9.90 for salads and RM3.90-RM9.90 for the appetizers.

Recommended: Not really :/


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  1. Wow, I love your food review! Spot on comments and the photos came out really well (given the poor lighting).
    I must say, food tasted extra nice for me cuz of great company. ;D

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