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On a BJJ hiatus

So I’ve been on a hiatus from BJJ and any form of exercise since my sprained ankle. It’s been a real bumpy ride 😦 On the day itself I couldn’t walk much (had to use F as a crutch!) and the day after it was swollen and tender to the touch. I think it was only 3 days after the incident that I could walk around without help… Eek.

Just to give an update, there’s some good news and some bad news…. I’ll start with the good news, which is that the ankle is not too badly sprained. My best friend has some knowledge as a ‘tukung urut’ (traditional massage therapist) cause she grew up in the border town of Kota Bharu (the border in between Malaysia and Thailand). She’s really good and has been massaging me and my friends for ages, so she’s been regularly massaging my ankle with some traditional remedies (i.e. Minyak Gamat, a traditional oil made out of sea cucumbers. Weird stuff but apparently it’s very good for cuts, injuries and bruises). Anyway, her diagnosis is that the ankle isn’t too badly sprained.

But yeah well that’s the good news, the bad news is that the injury is mostly due to ‘bone bruise’. The bone in question that is bruised is the lower foot bone. It’s still swollen and tender to the touch, a week after the accident. I’ve read up on bone bruises and honestly, mine isn’t too bad but the worse thing is that, they take FOREVER to heal. 😦 And they are fragile little injuries, reinjury will just cause healing process to restart. Here’s a good visual picture to what the heck a bone bruise is:

So yeah, I think another week of rest will do my foot some good. 8 days after the injury it still hurts a little to walk and excessive walking usually leaves my foot really sore. F and I were practicing some moves we had seen from a tutorial but ummmmm no, the foot doesn’t like it and I was in pain most of the time. So for now it’s lots of ice, lots of rest, lots of massaging and lots of restlessness. 😦

I’m really hoping this heals up quickly as I’m competing in June for the Pan-Asians in Manila. The tickets were purchased way ahead of time so there’s no turning back. I’m almost gonna write the Pan-Asians off as a lost tournament but Coach always says that it’s a mental game, if you’re defeated in the mind before the match than you’ve all ready lost. So I’m keeping my hopes up and I’m gonna try to train my butt off (or as much as I can without reinjuring my foot) when I get back to the mats. Then again time will tell how hard I can train given the nature of the injury. I suppose I should compete, any tournament experience is a good one but it’s soooooooooooooooo bummy knowing that you didn’t train your full best. But oh well c’est la vie right?

On the flipside, not exercising after work or running off to class has allowed me to catch up with my friends and also snuggle up to my Nintendo DS. Ahhhhh video games, the hobby I was into before BJJ. Do I miss it? Kinda, but I think I miss exercising and BJJ more. 🙂


Injured (and for no good reason too!)

As I was walking out of the bank after open mats today, I was distracted for a minute and I rolled on my ankle 😦

Malaysia has horrendous roads – full of potholes and uneven pavements and the like. So I landed onto a large crevice on the road and rolled my ankle, it felt like the most excruciating pain ever -it was like my ankle was on fire or something. I’ve always been lucky, I’ve never had a serious injury to my ankle before (the most a strain) so I was screaming and eventually later crying like a little girl (half from worry and the other half from the pain).

Sighhhhh. I’m now hobbling around the house, icing it every hour or so. It hurts like a MOFO when I put the slightest weight on it and that’s no fun really. The good thing is that there’s no major swelling as I rolled on the other side of the ankle joint (had I rolled on the same side of the ankle joint it would have been a whole different story). F says that’s a really good sign and I’ll be back on the mats in no time.

Anyway I don’t really have anyone to blame but myself. Should have been more careful but that’s a little late now – the shoulda, coulda or woulda. This is one of those ‘silly’ and totally ‘avoidable’ injuries. And yeah the fact that it’s a ‘silly’ injury makes me even more mad at myself for being less careful 😦

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the mats ASAP. No jits for the next couple of days 😦

Till then maybe I’ll concentrate on baking for a while 😦

Getting dirty in No-gi

My first ever No-gi tournament. FYI I’m the one on the right in the pink rashguard.
Photos are courtesy of BJJ Japanese Journalist Kinya Hashimoto
I’ve been taking my no-gi training a lot more seriously lately though I still maintain that I don’t like it much as Gi. Though I have to admit, I’m just a /little/ traumatized by No-gi… You see in my first ever no-gi tournament in my first match, I had the unfortunate luck to draw an opponent who is a Thai MMA fighter who’s been grappling No-gi for about 3 years. I read all that from Kinya Hashimoto’s blog and how she was suppose to go to Japan for a female MMA tournament called Smackgirl. That’s also where I got the pictures from. Hope he doesn’t mind me posting them here? T_T He also said I was heavy. I suppose in comparison to her (she’s like 45 kilos) I’m a giant. But still he said I was 58 Kilos when in reality I’m only 53 kilos. Uwaaaaaa… Am I bigger than I look? ;___; Hehehehe needless to say that match didn’t end well at all for me.

She caught my hand into an armbar and as you can see in the picture, my other hand is trying to stack her to save my arm but my base was pretty shitty at that point so she thrusts her hip forward, I fall back and bham she inverts the armbar to crank the submission. It’s a beautiful submission to look at I bet for the audience, just not fun to be in lol. Yeah can you say ouch? 😦 It popped my elbow but thank god it’s fully recovered with the occasional ache when the weather gets chilly (or as the Chinese like to call it “fung sap” or “rheumatism” in English). Well the good thing about it is that, I’m very aware of armbars now. My elbow twitches at the first ‘feeling’ of an armbar. Not to say I don’t get armbared now, but I think that incident just caused a hyper awareness to armbars. Or maybe my elbow is just scared shitless of them now lol.

Anyway, to get back to the topic of No-Gi, my apprehension to No-Gi probably stems from the fact that I just don’t ‘get’ No-gi quite yet and everything I’ve learned from Gi (controls, weight distribution) gets thrown out the window since there are no grips. =/ I feel like a total noob in No-Gi. I don’t really get how to play guard, I don’t really get how to pass guard, I don’t get where to grip, grips are totally weird and non existent once the sweat comes into play, etc…. It seems like a whole different planet or something.

Then there’s the whole issue of the ‘comfort’ zone. I’ve never had an issue with rolling with guys in Gi cause the Kimono Gi is so thick so there’s plenty of padding and stuff. But somehow in No-Gi since everything is so skin tight, I kinda feel sorry when rolling with the guys sometimes. Especially when I take their back and stuff….. I’m sure you all know where I’m getting at. It must undoubtedly feel uncomfortable since you have to remain very close to them to get the chokes and stuff so my chest is literally stuck right behind and well you know it ummm squishes lol. Heck it makes me feel uncomfortable to even type this. @_@ I wonder how you female no-gi grapplers deal with the comfort zone? Rolling with guys is a must since there’s so little girls in BJJ let alone those who train in No-Gi. Is it something you just get use to? Is it not even an issue and I’m just making a big deal out of it? Hmmmmm….

But you know, despite everything. I’m definitely going to stick and train No-Gi in earnest as I know it will improve my Gi game tremendously. It also encourages me to work on my conditioning because it’s very fast paced. The other benefit of No-Gi is the fact that I play guards I wouldn’t normally play in Gi such as Butterfly (ugh I hate butterfly sniff sniff ;_;) and the Sit-Up guard. Which is all fine and dandy since I shouldn’t have an over reliance on the Spider or the Knee Shield guard (both of which don’t work as well in No-Gi).

And you know going back to Ann (the Thai MMA fighter I was talking about in my first paragraph), if a girl her size and physique can take down much larger opponents with no problems at all…. I’m sure there’s still some hope for me in No-Gi.

Just got to train harder!!!!!! >_<