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Prince William’s Biscuit Chocolate Cake a.k.a. Kek Batik [Recipe]

There was much a buzz when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married, given our colonial roots and heritage – it was really no surprise that this buzz would also hit Malaysia. I remembered my co-workers talking about it nonstop with the tv in the pantry area showing the wedding. Of course the most important part of the wedding to me was the food! Lots of yummy delights were showcased.

One in particular stood out which was the Royal Wedding Biscuit Cake:

Apparently it’s a childhood favourite of the Prince and he requested it to be served as an alternative to the official wedding cake (which I believe was a fruit cake. Yucks I hate fruit cakes with a passion!!!). When the commentators were describing the cake  it sounded awfully familiar to a certain Malaysian cake called “Kek Batik” (Batik Cake). I’m really not sure why it’s called Kek Batik, perhaps it’s because the biscuits pieces are reminiscent of a batik pattern? Who knows. A little Googling here and there showed that yes they were indeed the same cake! The difference is in the flavouring  ingredients which have been adapted to suit Malaysian tastes (and also economic costs since Chocolate and Nuts back in the day were really expensive).

The differences are as follows:
 British Recipe:
Calls for teatime biscuits, chocolate and nuts of some kind.

Malaysian Recipe:
Calls for Marie biscuits, Cocoa Powder and Milo Powder (contains no nuts).

I decided to see if I could marry the two. My initial recipe experiments showed that the British version lacked that familiar taste that I like from the Malaysian version and was way too firm but the pure Malaysian version lacked the richness and chocolateyness that the British one had. After several experiments, when I was about ready to give up, I stumbled upon an Australian Recipe (from the Junior Masterchef Cookbook) that uses Digestive Biscuits and Golden Syrup. Aha! The Golden Syrup was the very thing I needed to thin the chocolate without losing the consistency and flavouring! Also the use of the savoury Digestive Biscuits was quite ingenious actually as I always find the McVities Teatime and Marie biscuits far too sweet. So I incorporated those elements it into my next test and voila, I found the Kek Batik that had all the key components that I’d been searching for. Absolutely Malaysian in taste but still having the richness that the British one has.

A note on the chocolate:
I prefer to use semi-sweet or cooking chocolate because it’s less sweet and more chocolatey in flavour than Milk chocolate. I wouldn’t use dark chocolate because it gets a bit too bitter and while I suppose you could use couverture chocolate, honestly it’s a bit of a waste since you thin the chocolate out with Golden Syrup anyway. I’ve used semi-sweet and couverture and found the difference to be marginal and I preferred semi-sweet (or maybe the couverture chocolate we get in Malaysia is nasty, I’m sure if I used a Varlhona it would taste delightful? Who knows.)

A note on the nuts:
You can use any nuts that you fancy but I find that pistachios (which is called for in most of the British recipes) mixed with the chocolate and biscuits are absolutely heavenly. Almonds didn’t really make much of a difference in taste and Walnuts were really interesting for texture.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Kek Batik Prince William (sorry couldn’t resist with the name!). 

200g unsalted butter, softened, plus extra
1 tsp salt (if butter is not salted)
20 digestive biscuits (each biscuit cut into 4 quarters)
300g semi-sweet/cooking chocolate (chopped into pieces)
230g ( 2⁄ 3 cup) golden syrup
45g (1/3 cup) roasted pistachio kernels, roughly chopped
45g ( 1⁄ 3 cup) roasted walnuts, roughly chopped
2 tbsps of Milo powder (100% ghetto but 100% Malaysian!)
Cocoa powder, to dust


1. Melt the butter till it liquifies then mix the Milo powder till you get a chocolatey butter liquid. You’re gonna find the Milo powder to be clumpy when you add it to the butter so just add some muscle power into your whisking and whisk it over medium high heat.

2. Next add to the chocolatey butter liquid, the semi-sweet chocolate and golden syrup and melt everything together until smooth. Don’t let the liquid boil or the chocolate will burn so keep an eye on the fire. Add some salt to taste if your butter isn’t salted. Salt is a good thing when it comes to baking, don’t be afraid of it. 🙂

3. Meanwhile, mix the biscuits and nuts into a large bowl.

4. Add the chocolate mixture to the biscuits and nuts. Mix it evenly (but not too hard as you don’t want to break your biscuits). It’s gonna be really sticky at this point so just put more muscle power into the mixing (goodness you can get quite a workout from baking this cake!).

5. Put into a loaf tin (25cm X 18cm lined and greased so you can easily pop the cake out). Using a wet spoon to press the cake down into the loaf pan so there’s no air pockets and you create an even surface.

6. Put 1-2 hours in the fridge to firm out.

7. Take out the kek batik out of loaf tin and than sprinkle cocoa powder. You can also sprinkle Milo powder if you like it a little on the sweet side.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone 🙂 (taken during the Office’s Buka Puasa potluck where I brought some kek batik)


Adam’s farewell 2011 :(

This weekend went by so fast it was crazy! Combining my love for baking and my Jits family, I really couldn’t ask for anything more. But first the sad things first, this weekend was Adam’s last day before he flies back to Canada 😦

This here be Adam! Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever? He’s just turned single ladies so hehehehe holler if you want some details, you won’t find a nicer guy ever!

I first met Adam when he came back from Canada for Chinese New Year in 2010 and we just clicked. He was seriously like a long lost brother I never had and he was an amazing training partner for me. We started Jits at around the same time (him at Toronto BJJ and I at Marcos Escobar Malaysia). He was a lot more technical than me but he always gave me loads on chances and never uses full strength when we were training. Plus since he was from a Saulo school, I always asked him clarification on the many Jiu Jitsu University techniques I wanted to incorporate into my game. Other then Jits we both love anime and video games and were huge geeks. Anyway he trained with us for about 2 months before leaving.

This time around, his 2011 trip was so damn short! Just a month! It’s nice to be able to roll after a year and incredible to see how different our games have developed! We’re both guard players (ok technically I’m a top player who has been working on my guard for about 10 months that somehow along the way became a guard player lol). He plays a lot of deep half while I play a lot of open and spider.

Anyway his sister (who is the sweetest thing, bless her heart) called me up randomly to organize a farewell thing for her brother. She wanted to keep it a surprise so I planned it out with Aaron to tell the guys about it. So she booked a table for all of us at Luna Bar on Saturday after open mats. She also wanted a cake but was finding it difficult to get it without Adam getting suspicious so I offered to bake him a cake Saturday morning itself.

The cake was trouble from the very start! I was being ambitious and wanted to bake a lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon white chocolate buttercream (courtesy of Rose from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes) in 4 hours 20110405-102249.jpg

It started well with the white chocolate base and lemon curd prepared perfectly.

But goodness me, it was a comedy of errors from the cake onwards. You could say I was being silly, trying to bake a 3″ high cake without expecting problems. First the inside did not bake properly then the buttercream melting cause the cake wasn’t fully cooled… Oh my lord! I was honestly about to call it quits several times but I ploughed through cause Adam is an awesome guy and he deserves this cake! I scraped whatever melting buttercream was left (what a waste as it tasted so nice too :(), put the cake back into the fridge to firm up so I could cover it with fondant later then went to open mats. F was so supportive throughout the whole ordeal, he even got me my favorite drink during open mats.

Needless to say, I was moving at the speed of snail during open mats cause I was so tired. Had a couple of good rolls and of course definitely one last roll with Adam. Our last roll was hilarious cause we were giving video game like commentary during the roll:
SL: Triangle attack! Button mash!!
A: Triangle defense! Stack Stack Stack!
SL: Shrimps away, regains guard level up!
A: Smash pass!!! Button mash!!!
Gosh we’re such gaming retards!

Many of the guys came out for the party and we all had a really nice time at Luna Bar. The place is damn swank as it’s on the rooftop of the Pacific Regency so the view from the bar is stellar.


20110404-010955.jpgThe drinks there are watered down in terms of alcohol but big on taste which is fine by me cause I hate the taste of alcohol but don’t mind it hidden in a cocktail. Easily one of the best tasting Pina Coladas in town. Yummy. I’m really glad Adam enjoyed himself so much and many thanks to Amanda for co-organizing this for her brother.


Adam here partying it out in style with a flaming lamborghini.

Finally it was cake time. Despite all the problems, it came together in the end! I learnt so much (like for starters NOT to bake and decorate a difficult cake from scratch in 4 hours) but you know it was all worth it when I saw the smile on Adam’s face 🙂

F and I are gonna miss you loads Adam but we’ll see you again next year! 🙂