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Moving to Tumblr!

Prefer Tumblr’s interface! And the direction will change also. 100% BJJ and nothing else. Mostly a motivational log to help me through my BJJ journey.

Cupcake Armbar


Injured (and for no good reason too!)

As I was walking out of the bank after open mats today, I was distracted for a minute and I rolled on my ankle 😦

Malaysia has horrendous roads – full of potholes and uneven pavements and the like. So I landed onto a large crevice on the road and rolled my ankle, it felt like the most excruciating pain ever -it was like my ankle was on fire or something. I’ve always been lucky, I’ve never had a serious injury to my ankle before (the most a strain) so I was screaming and eventually later crying like a little girl (half from worry and the other half from the pain).

Sighhhhh. I’m now hobbling around the house, icing it every hour or so. It hurts like a MOFO when I put the slightest weight on it and that’s no fun really. The good thing is that there’s no major swelling as I rolled on the other side of the ankle joint (had I rolled on the same side of the ankle joint it would have been a whole different story). F says that’s a really good sign and I’ll be back on the mats in no time.

Anyway I don’t really have anyone to blame but myself. Should have been more careful but that’s a little late now – the shoulda, coulda or woulda. This is one of those ‘silly’ and totally ‘avoidable’ injuries. And yeah the fact that it’s a ‘silly’ injury makes me even more mad at myself for being less careful 😦

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to the mats ASAP. No jits for the next couple of days 😦

Till then maybe I’ll concentrate on baking for a while 😦