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Caio Terra 111 Half Guard DVD Set

Caio Terra’s first instructional DVD set looks to be a very impressive set for the half guard game. I’m particularly excited since my half guard game is virtually non existent and every chance I have to play with a knee shield guard leads to getting passed 😦

Lucky for me, someone in the gym recently got a copy of it and I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow it from said person. So far popping in DVD 1, I was blown away with just the first section alone “Getting out of bad spots”. Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow during Gi class!

I must admit Caio Terra’s English is surprisingly very fluent. It’s very easy to understand but more importantly though, the guy is an amazing instructor. He breaks the technique and concepts down brick by brick making it very easy to learn. Quite surprising from someone who is so young. Though the one thing that cracks me up is how much he resembles Elijah Wood. I can’t help but think Gandalf is gonna bust in into the room telling him “Son you have to destroy the one ring dawg” lol…..

I honestly haven’t watched everything (it is 3 dvd’s after all and 5 hours of half guard goodness!). But here’s the complete chapter list I got from budovideos. You can purchase the DVD for USD100.00 from Budovideos.

Complete chapter list:

Getting out of bad spots Part 11. Recover full guard
2. Sweep from head control
3. Recovering knee shield from head control
4. Sweep with lapel and pants grip
5. Recovering knee shield from knee slide pass
6. Sweep from knee slide pass
7. Getting underhook from knee slide pass
8. Hip bump sweep
9. Sweep to mount when opponent moves to inverted half guard
10. Taking the back when opponent moves to inverted half guard
11. Roll over sweep when opponent moves to inverted HG

Getting out of bad spots Part 2 – Knee Shield

1. Taking the Back
2. Roll over sweep
3. Taking the back from knee grip
4. Kimura sweep/submission
5. Straight armlock
6. Collar choke
7. Collar choke to sweep to mount
8. Brabo choke
9. Brabo choke variation 2 with sweep
10. Brabo choke variation 3 with sweep
11. Taking the back when opponent pummels
12. Sweep when opponent pummels
13. Sweep 2 when opponent pummels with Kimura
14. Reverse triangle when opponent pummels
15. Sweep to kneebar
16. Roll under armbar 1
17. Roll under armbar 2
18. To the crucifix

Underhooks and hooks

1. Taking the back
2. Roll under sweep
3. Knee drag sweep
4. Knee push sweep
5. Ankle pick sweep
6. Underhook the knee sweep

When opponent attempts to move to inverted half guard
7. Arm trap with collar to ankle pick or Triangle finish
8. Take the back when opponent switches to inverted HG
9. Leg trap sweep when opponent switches to inverted HG.
10. Roll over sweep

Using leg hooks
11. Taking the back
12. Beating the overhook to the back with arm drag
13. Jumping to triangle from the knees
14. Takedown from knees
15. Single leg to back
16. Single leg takedown
17. Single leg takedown variation

Underhook when opponent pushes head
18. Toe grab to deep half guard sweep to knee bar
19. Take the back with lapel grip
20. Roll under sweep with lapel grip

Half Guard Single Leg

1. Takedown
2. kimura style sweep
3. dive under sweep with sleeve grip
4. Collar drag sweep
5. Collar drag variation with triangle
6. Lapel grip with foot on the hip sweep
7. Tomoe Nage to double leg takedown
8. Single leg sitting and standing

Half Guard Scissor

1. Scissor sweep
2. back roll sweep
3. X-gaurd technical lift
4. X-guard Sweep 1
5. X-guard Sweep 2
6. X-guard to the back

Deep Half Guard

1. Pendulum sweep
2. Pendulum to rollover sweep
3. Pendulum to the back/ sweep
4. Pendulum to Omoplata
5. Pendulum to Technical lift
6. Pendulum to Knee ride to back
7. Homer Simpson sweep
8. Homer Simpson to back
9. Homer Simpson to back 2
10. Collar grip hip bump sweep
11. Collar grip sweep
12. Double under sweep
13. Double under sweep 2

Inverted Half

Opponent attempts to go to Inverted Half
1. Take the back
2. Roll over sweep
3. Leg hook sweep

Inverted Half
4. Back roll sweep
5. Triangle
6. Kimura and Americana roll over sweep
7. Collar choke and sweep
8. Lapel grip sweep to mount
9. Lapel grip to the back

Upside down half

1. Sweep 1
2. Sweep 2
3. Triangle

Terra’s Guard

1. Backdoor escape to back
2. Sweep 1
3. Sweep 2
4. Sweep 3 with armlock
5. Triangle
6. Upside down armbar
7. Sweep to inverted half guard
8. Sweep to knee bar
9. Leg hook sweep


When opponent prevents back take
1. Kneebar
2. Kneebar to toehold
3. Sweep
4. To the back
5. Straight ankle lock

From cross grip
6. Calf slicer
7. Kneebar
8. To the back
9. Technical lift


1. Kimura
2. Hip bump sweep
3. Sweep to armbar
4. To roll under armbar
5. Take the back