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Freestyle Fullcontact Martial Arts Tournament 2011


It’s my first time watching a MMA event live so I’m pretty excited (as I told F I’m looking forward to the bloooooodddd lol, I kid but there always blood drawn on the UFC). To be honest I have nooooooooooooooo idea what to expect cause although it’s touted as a MMA event, majority of fighters are Muay Thai trained with only probably a handful with official grappling training. So I’m not expecting much in terms of grappling but I’m pretty sure the Muay Thai would be kick ass. Our team mate AJ from Borneo is fighting tonight so hopefully he does well. He’s got Muay Thai training and BJJ so I hope he does well to spread the BJJ love here 🙂

The stadium set up is pretty nice. I can so totally imagine us organizing a BJJ tourney here, that’d be real sweet!! Then I can finally fight on home turf instead of traveling.

The stadium was really empty though, that’s to be expected since it was a 3 night event. I’m not quite sure what the organizers were thinking since fighting events aren’t really that popular to begin with and to have 3 nights in a row is just insane. I’m sure if they had consolidated the fights into one night, the turn out would have been better.

As usual the event started late (oh Malaysian time how I loathe n hate thee). But the night was full of surprises!

The first fight was actually a Muay Thai match and it was between a guy and a girl?! Or maybe a transgendered guy? I really have no clue o.o but the fight only lasted for 30 secs before the ref declared a TKO. The girl/transgendered guy was totally owned. It didn’t even look like s/he was fighting at all. The fight ended so fast I had no opportunity to take a pic so 😦 (edit: ok apparently according to my teammates who were backstage it was a transgendered guy and not a girl!)

The next fight was AJ’s fight. Allen the coach from Borneo was his corner man while Coach Escobar was cornering him. It was actually the only MMA fight for the night as the rest were only stand up with no ground fighting allowed boooo. AJ was fighting this 17 yr old Nepalese kid called Keanu. Keanu came to our gym 2 months ago for an open mats session so we kinda know him and bits of his game. Anyway Keanu’s striking was pretty good, he gave AJ a huge welt on the eye and tried to take him down several times but AJ sprawled fast and hard. Then AJ took him down and it went to the ground. Keanu then caught him in a sloppy triangle, AJ made the mistake of letting him adjust and it became a nasty ass armbar from guard. Lucky for AJ he was saved by the bell. The next 2 rounds went better for AJ. It was strange cause Keanu kept insisting on playing guard by butt flopping at every opportunity (without controlling legs or arms). The ref got him to stand several times. There were times where AJ would pass his guard and go to side control but the kid regained guard most times. Sometimes AJ would just kinda stand there and kick Keanu’s legs. I guess AJ didn’t really know how to deal with the butt flopping in MMA and was on the look out for kicks since the kid has long lanky legs. Well after 2 rounds of that, needless to say AJ won by points. So yay for our team mate from Borneo 🙂

This Muay Thai fight ended as quickly as the first one. It was an Iranian dude from some MT gym in Ampang and another guy from the police MT club. The skill difference between the opponents is insane and the Iranian won by TKO.

This was a boxing match and it was pretty interesting. The white guy was really cocky and kept shoving his head out and taunting the black guy. But the black guy couldn’t honestly do much to the white guy. He kept missing and his reach wasn’t very good. In the end after 5 rounds the cocky white guy won by points.

This was the most interesting match of the night (other then AJs of course!). it was a stand up vale tudo match between a Muay Thai fighter and a Kyokushin Karate fighter. The MT fighter did very well in the first 2 rounds then he got kicked in the balls!!! Ouch. He never quite recovered from that and the Karate fighter was doing some serious damage to the MT fighter in the last 3 rounds but no KOs. The top ropes in the ring broke in the 5th fight (I know, so ghetto right?!). security had to surround the ring to hold the fighters up so they wouldn’t topple over when they were close to the edges. It was kinda sad and funny at the same time. After 5 rounds the match ended in a draw.

Overall the event was pretty fun. Though to be honest I don’t really like watching stand up fights but it was a real fun outing with the guys from the gym. They can be such a riot at times!