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MGMT live in KL

I first heard that MGMT was coming down to KL about a month before but it didn’t strike me that they were coming HERE HERE till about a week before cause I hadn’t even gotten tickets yet! Frantically I asked around and someone knew someone who had tickets and I secured my tickets 5 days before the concert. Talk about last minute!! I blame the Malaysian side of me lol 😛

Anyway XY and Jace were also going to the concert (hurray for Twitter and cross conversation!) so I hitched a ride from them.

When we arrived there I bumped into Luna, a primary school friend who I hadn’t seen in ages but is quite close and dear to my heart. It was really nice to catch up with her (I promise girl, drinks soon!).

Well just as I had expected, the show was starting late and at 9pm door were still closed!

So I took the opportunity to take this photo outside the venue.

Waiting patiently for the concert to start.

Kyoto Protocol, the opening act rocking out the house. They’re aren’t bad at all for a local homegrown band. I first saw them at Urbanscapes 2010 – my pal CH was their temporary guitarist during the summer and I bumped into him during the event. He told me to stick around for this band and I did. They really aren’t bad at all.

And there was MORE waiting so we decided to snap a pic cause we were bored.

After a 1 1/2 hour delay, they finally got on stage. It was time to rock on!



Love the fact that the background video was so trippy, just like all their music videos! They had a really good mix of their old and new stuff but the crowd only rocked during stuff from ‘Oracular Spectacular’ (and they call themselves fans! Congratulations needs way more love!). I like the fact that they ended the night with ‘Congratulations’.


Congratulations…. Then it was encore time. And that was pretty much it.
What a lovely night with XY, Jace and MGMT. 🙂

A parting shot at concert end ‘red between the lines’.