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Adam’s farewell 2011 :(

This weekend went by so fast it was crazy! Combining my love for baking and my Jits family, I really couldn’t ask for anything more. But first the sad things first, this weekend was Adam’s last day before he flies back to Canada 😦

This here be Adam! Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever? He’s just turned single ladies so hehehehe holler if you want some details, you won’t find a nicer guy ever!

I first met Adam when he came back from Canada for Chinese New Year in 2010 and we just clicked. He was seriously like a long lost brother I never had and he was an amazing training partner for me. We started Jits at around the same time (him at Toronto BJJ and I at Marcos Escobar Malaysia). He was a lot more technical than me but he always gave me loads on chances and never uses full strength when we were training. Plus since he was from a Saulo school, I always asked him clarification on the many Jiu Jitsu University techniques I wanted to incorporate into my game. Other then Jits we both love anime and video games and were huge geeks. Anyway he trained with us for about 2 months before leaving.

This time around, his 2011 trip was so damn short! Just a month! It’s nice to be able to roll after a year and incredible to see how different our games have developed! We’re both guard players (ok technically I’m a top player who has been working on my guard for about 10 months that somehow along the way became a guard player lol). He plays a lot of deep half while I play a lot of open and spider.

Anyway his sister (who is the sweetest thing, bless her heart) called me up randomly to organize a farewell thing for her brother. She wanted to keep it a surprise so I planned it out with Aaron to tell the guys about it. So she booked a table for all of us at Luna Bar on Saturday after open mats. She also wanted a cake but was finding it difficult to get it without Adam getting suspicious so I offered to bake him a cake Saturday morning itself.

The cake was trouble from the very start! I was being ambitious and wanted to bake a lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon white chocolate buttercream (courtesy of Rose from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes) in 4 hours 20110405-102249.jpg

It started well with the white chocolate base and lemon curd prepared perfectly.

But goodness me, it was a comedy of errors from the cake onwards. You could say I was being silly, trying to bake a 3″ high cake without expecting problems. First the inside did not bake properly then the buttercream melting cause the cake wasn’t fully cooled… Oh my lord! I was honestly about to call it quits several times but I ploughed through cause Adam is an awesome guy and he deserves this cake! I scraped whatever melting buttercream was left (what a waste as it tasted so nice too :(), put the cake back into the fridge to firm up so I could cover it with fondant later then went to open mats. F was so supportive throughout the whole ordeal, he even got me my favorite drink during open mats.

Needless to say, I was moving at the speed of snail during open mats cause I was so tired. Had a couple of good rolls and of course definitely one last roll with Adam. Our last roll was hilarious cause we were giving video game like commentary during the roll:
SL: Triangle attack! Button mash!!
A: Triangle defense! Stack Stack Stack!
SL: Shrimps away, regains guard level up!
A: Smash pass!!! Button mash!!!
Gosh we’re such gaming retards!

Many of the guys came out for the party and we all had a really nice time at Luna Bar. The place is damn swank as it’s on the rooftop of the Pacific Regency so the view from the bar is stellar.


20110404-010955.jpgThe drinks there are watered down in terms of alcohol but big on taste which is fine by me cause I hate the taste of alcohol but don’t mind it hidden in a cocktail. Easily one of the best tasting Pina Coladas in town. Yummy. I’m really glad Adam enjoyed himself so much and many thanks to Amanda for co-organizing this for her brother.


Adam here partying it out in style with a flaming lamborghini.

Finally it was cake time. Despite all the problems, it came together in the end! I learnt so much (like for starters NOT to bake and decorate a difficult cake from scratch in 4 hours) but you know it was all worth it when I saw the smile on Adam’s face 🙂

F and I are gonna miss you loads Adam but we’ll see you again next year! 🙂